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Cool Two Color Web Design!

Here is a web site design that uses a two color palette yet conveys the upscale nature of this exclusive cigar boutique in Scarsdale, New York. It was designed to mimic the look of the client's glossy print brochure.

This web design was one of the first commercial projects we did over ten years ago! Despite the relatively primitive tools then available for web design, we were determined to overcome limitations to get the look we wanted!

cool web design 1

The large blocks of open color give the layout an airy quality that suggests luxury. The shades of gold and blue suggest richness and luxury. To make the layout consistent, I added a dark blue background to the images and carefully chose graphics that would complement the blue and gold color scheme.

Here is another page from the site featuring Queen Lace Crystal.

two color web design

Because this web site serves as an online brochure, the design is tightly coordinated with the same colors and graphic treatment repeated on all pages.

Key Points From This Article:

  • A Newark1 Web Design Principle: A well chosen two color palette makes for clean, elegant web sites!

This is one one of our earliest web designs and was done for our second client after starting the studio over ten years ago. This was designed when most computers monitors displayed only 256 colors in vga mode only! We were also required to scan all the images directly from the client's brochure. Aaaah, the good old days! View the ORIGINAL WEB DESIGN.

Donald Peterson


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