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Search Engine Optimization and Web Design

BEAUTIFUL WEB DESIGN is only beautiful when it has an audience. By and large, that audience will be directed to your website through major search engines like GOOGLE and YAHOO. If your business web site is not properly optimized for search engines, you miss traffic from potential customers!

search engine optimization & web design

Therefore, GOOD WEB DESIGN is always a compromise between the visual art of the web designer, and the technical demands of the search engine. Realistic web designers understand this, and focus on creating web sites that look good both to the viewer and the search engine.

Search engine optimization has often been promoted as a 'black art'-- a secret skill known only by a few technical gurus. However, the real art of search engine optimization has more to do with employing common sense strategies in the web design process, and website maintenance. Also, patience and time are key factors, as it often takes months for search engines to recognize any changes done to improve the website.

colorful web design, smart seo

An excellent common sense guide to search engine optimization is 7 SIMPLE STRATEGIES READY SITE FOR SEARCH, by Keith Robinson. This article avoids the quick-fix, high-risk tricks used by shady search engine "experts", and focuses on the sound, long-term strategies that make websites search engine friendly. In fact, the strategies found in this article have long been used by NEWARK1 WEB DESIGN to help our clients achieve better search engine traffic. This will help small business owners to grasp the basic principles of search engine optimization that really work!


Donald Peterson



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